beside the basil the thyme and beside the thyme the oregano and beside that a low reaching purple flower and beside that a stain of water on the concrete and beside that a further white spot of paint and beside that a rhythm of pebbles and vines and beside that the flowering white weeds and beside that a freshly cut grass and beside that the light green pot which is filled with dirt which is sprouting amber and white veins and roots which is displaying the great rising tree trunks of a small colorful-leaved tree and beside that a chair and beside the chair a bench and beside the bench the opening and closing of a door and a door which is sometimes open and sometimes closed and a door which is always in action and never a stationary object and beside that stationary object a way or a method of entering changing and being in one place or the other place and beside that a house which is a house by its doors and windows and beside the windows is the rising blue sky above another house and beside the other house is a rusted rain gutter and beside the rusted rain gutter a cloud or a many clouds or beside the many clouds is the white sound of a few black birds and beside the birds is a footprint and beside the footprint is soft, softness, fluid beside the sleek soft commentary, beside the voice is the soft, beside that is under the cloud, is the ground, and beside that is the basil the thyme the oregano the low-purple-reaching-flower