many people have followed the first.

– eventually.

in the strict case of a linear causality of peoples, it is obvious I must follow it as it appears.

– how it appears to be?

whatever appears to me will be the direction in which the people have gone.

– which people are these?

first there was a person, young of age, who sat in a swingset, and the hummingbirds were nearby.

– did the birds have names?

the first person could not yet name birds but they had a given name themselves.

– did the birds name them?

I’m thinking about the birds.

– now and then.

second there was a person, slightly older, who hit their head on a metal edge, but did not get stitches for their wound.

– the constrictor knot is the most common surgical knot

and yet, no knot was applied. the wound healed eventually.

– I once had a fear of blood.

the third person was yet again a fair bit older, and had muddy knees. they wore a striped shirt with a collar and a mouthguard. they drove a bumper car all around the arena. their favorite color was a light blue. they were not satisfied with their sleeping habits.

– I can’t remember sleeping at all.

sleeping is what happens between everything else. and sometimes something else comes into sleep, but that’s a different story line. for now I must follow it as it appears.

– did something once wake me?

many people awaken with sleep inertia, in which there is like a cotton fuzz covering the eyes and it is hard to hear your mother yelling at you from upstairs to get dressed.

– now I remember it was my mother.

the fourth person was writing many lists, lists of numbers, box office figures, projected sales, record collections, colors of the various animals in the zoo, the speed of cars passing by their window at night, the number of trails emanating from each street lamp when they squinted their eyes, kept track of night-by-night to assess the dimming of the bulbs or the varied brightness of the moon.

– I ran out of ink and I had to use sand and then I ran out of sand and I had to use blood.

the no.2 pencil is the most commonly used pencil but you already know that.

– I don’t like pencils because they can be erased.

the fifth person was doing jumping jacks and then slowly the number of jumping jacks decreased from their apex like a bell curve and then eventually they were doing no jumping jacks at all and just standing there, and then they sat down and the television-light was changing its colors, white to red to white to blue to white to orange to white to cerulean to white to yellow to red. and there were empty wrappers of licorice candy and the glass pane in the side door to their house was broken.

– it’s recommended to use your elbow if breaking glass because your hand is replete with small capillaries and veins and it will easily break the skin to punch through glass.

and at some point a twelve-ounce beer glass broke in two in the sink and on their left hand the middle finger was sliced nearly in two, but they didn’t go to the hospital because it’s easier to stay at home than to go walking nearly two miles in the heat of summer.

– and the summers were always long

average temperatures were in the mid-nineties.

– unilaterally it was decided that the creek nearby would be drained once a year so as to prevent the mosquito population from ballooning out of control.

the sixth person was walking down a still body of water with an empty pocket and they were feeling around in their pocket for something which had been lost and it was probably lost in the grass which made it impossible to find and it’s probably still lost to this day, can you believe that?

– I think it was made of paper, the whole house, and it went up in smoke.

and the seventh person was made of the ash and the smoke of the house of the sixth and of the blood of the second and of the motion of the fifth’s legs when they were jumping up and down and of the stiff fingers of the fourth, and of the tears of the third person who almost never cried except for every night when he was making up a story of someone else, and of the hummingbird of the first person who didn’t remember the hummingbirds at all until the seventh person sprouted those bird wings and began to feed on nectar.

– a fifty-million year-old hummingbird fossil was unearthed in Wisconsin and I’ve still never seen a single one so how am I supposed to believe that?