purposefully standing tall:

making shapes out of a dimension. now not deciding whether to go here or there and so being in between. now making a shape out of the new dimension. I continue my indecision. between to distances I can travel I choose neither nor their neighbor. now it is taking shape. summons, boils, steams. vapor trails rise from various corners, crevices. I cannot tell their origins. I fear their shapelessness. great distances are taking shape, I cannot help but drink in their visions.

I have crossed my legs now. I am sitting on the floor. The brushed brown wood is cold. I know the floor is thin. the floor has made me aware of that distances are finite. I am no longer oddly shivering or wobbling between decisive shapes. I have the shape of an animal, hunched in consideration. The resting awareness of the tired hunter. I have the colorlessness which now appears so satisfactorily. I know that I not afraid until the window plucks my shape away. I made the shape of a bird call. A red fragrance wafts unexpectedly. now making a shape out of the new dimension.

dark ways, standing tall. now indecision returns. I want appear colorless. a point arrives sickle-spliced open. I make a shape out of the color of the smell. between the shape and its origin only I stand. now deciding to be one or the other.