a small piece of a larger piece and the larger piece is a part of an even larger piece and it is made of strips and made of complex jigsaw combinations, and it is made of gems and jewels and it is made of paper. though they are describing nothing, details arise. a hymn uncertain, making its way across the sheets and robes and eclipses. slits in fabric, spilled shadow in vertical beams between figures laced around the shadows, absorbing their borders. charms spun against the sources of light, arousing reflections. it is not impossible to display the size and scope and structure of these indeterminate figures, they are rounded and sharpened, convex and converse, they dispose of themselves in sliding horizontal rows, they brush beneath each other as if streams, they are colorful and contain the color’s echoes of greys. at all edges there is a billowing of darkness which tempts a further edge to suddenly appear and join in a containment of the darkness, interlocking plates submerged and floating. these figures, plate and stack and tube and hollow, are proportionately dense and light as needed, shimmering with a glow which emenates from nowhere in particular, arranging patterns not in the shapes as they appear but in the cubes of reflection, shrieks of light, doorways which appear to open in the innumerable rows until being concealed by a sliding cloak of jewel, stone, clay, fleece. there is a texture impossible to touch in light which curves around jagged corners and streams steadily through the layers. the appearance of one piece of a larger piece and the even larger piece and the dome brought to life at further and further distances, ascensions, plates condensing and expanding at both vertices, plunging forward from the light until a great black circle appears at the center, unfocused black plunging forward from the depth beyond, until it bursts and reveals the billowing flush edges of cloth and stone, the variegated greys and seams still bubbling underneath their colorful flashes of light. there is a piece emerging, undisturbed by its own infinity.