they say one great door closes and another opens. they say a heart attack is a your soul alive and on fire. they say dust is the skin of objects, that the shadow is a timeline of all that you’ve done. doing wrong makes a great shadow, doing good makes the shadow thinner, but not smaller. there are no shadows smaller than your own body, only veils, which threaten to grow in size with every wrongdoing. they say no one can shrink their shadow, and so only the relatively small in size appear wholly good. though none are wholly good. they say one door is good, one door is bad, that walking through either will be as walking into complete darkness, or complete light. that feeling with your heart only, not your eyes, will guide you to the light. they say that eyes cannot progress beyond their own shadows, when facing the light, which extend within towards the mind. that the mind is a complete formation of shadow, shrouded from the light of the outside world. they say so much is but a little. that life grows and shrinks like a flower to the daylight. that the daylight itself is a myth of cyclicality. because one thing cycles, does not make its presence less the present.